URide Safe® Card

the gift of peace of mind
URide Safe Card

About The URide Safe® Card

The URide Safe® Card is the first of its kind in the nation created by a taxi company.
It is a passport to peace of mind. The URide® inspiration comes from M7’s long commitment to the community, working with private, public and non-profit organizations to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation.

Embracing a model of social entrepreneurship, M7 is proudly collaborating
with The Governor’s Prevention Partnership, a non-profit, public-private alliance co-chaired by Governor M. Jodi Rell, to keep our kids successful and drug free today for a
stronger workforce tomorrow.

Passport to Peace of Mind

The idea of a safe ride card was conceived by Isabelle Scalzi, co-owner of M7 with husband Bill Scalzi. Through anecdotal reports by students, Isabelle saw a need for them to have access to safe and reliable transportation at all hours of the day and night. And so the URide Safe® Card was born out of necessity.

"I couldn’t ask anyone to borrow the money for the taxi fare, I thought I'd walk it; it wasn't that far..."
"I was at a party and wanted to leave, I didn't have the money for a cab, I shouldn't have accepted that ride..."
"I was not in a condition to drive, I didn't have the money for a cab, I thought....I shouldn’t have…"

We've frequently heard these stories and, at times, with regrettable ends. From these recurring stories came the need for the cash-less taxi card.  The idea of a URide Safe® Card means students no longer have to depend on anyone for a safe ride, or have to worry about having the cash to take a cab whenever they need it, for whatever reason.

First and foremost on our mind was the safety issue that needed to be addressed.  The URide Safe® Card's inspiration comes from years of M7’s commitment to the community, working with private, public and non-profit organizations to address the issue of safety and reliability. Coinciding with our efforts was The Governor’s Prevention Partnership. We've teamed up with The Partnership to work with college students, parents and city and school officials to increase public awareness about the need for safety and responsibility. As a result of these efforts, we now have a more comprehensive component to the URide Safe® Card. That’s what makes this card unique.